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labour & statutory compliance

As a service Nexes is capable of providing support to a principle employer in handling contractors and their contract employees by means monthly or quarterly auditing of contractor’s compliance and to a contractor in preparing registers, returns, remittances, etc.

factory compliance

Nexes is an expert in handling Factory Compliances in India with an efficient sizeable team of compliance and labour law experts. From a new factory registration to future expansion plan in existing factory, Nexes is helps you with every statutory or labour compliance enabling you a surety of being 100% compliant.

blue collared staffing

When you collaborate with Nexes for your blue collar recruitment drive, you are assured of the best services. Nexes is just not another blue collar recruitment company, it is a partner in your success.

Payroll services

Nexes offer payroll services to large and small companies for a fixed amount of price.

The better the payroll processing system the better is the happiness of its employees.

compliance helpdesk service

Nexes offer and fulfil all of your staffing needs while providing your company with peace of mind knowing you can devote your attention to other elements of your business.

compliance audit Mangement

Nexes recommends and would support any kind of business establishment or a factory to self-test their self. By conducting a detailed auditing, Nexes would provide a clear Green, Amber and Red report with a focus on recommendation for a corrective action.